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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Roof from Maramures region, Romania

Foto: acoperis maramuresan
Locatie: Cavnic, Maramures
Categorie: Poze din Romania, Maramures
A.C. Fotoblog, 2010


  1. Time has passed, and lots of changes have been made in architecture, but there’s truly something about Romanian and classical-inspired roofs that make them beautiful, even after all these years. Simply, their unique and captivating design adds splendor to a particular building.

    ~ Sierra Nordgren

  2. I totally agree with Sierra! There’s something about a traditional Romanian roof that just makes it so special and so beautiful. This one in particular reminds me of the roof of Hagrid’s Hut in the “Harry Potter” movies. Actually, the entire house in the picture reminds me of that. It’s probably because the design for the hut, as written by JK Rowling, was really inspired by Romanian huts. I think she wanted it to stand out and be memorable by giving it the distinctive rounded structure and conical roof of a Romanian hut.

    Alison Mckenzie

  3. Yes, when I heard someone mention Romania, the traditional roofs that they have is surely one thing that I think of. Just like the picture above, the roofs in Maramures are unique in shape and style. The roofs there somewhat add a historic appeal to the region. When you go there, you will really feel like the structures have been there for such a long time.

    Cody Charlebois

  4. The exquisite roofs of Romania prove to us that a roof need not be made from expensive materials or embellished with colorful ornaments. Even a simple roof made from ordinary materials can be fascinating. It only requires style and creativity. This roof is good reflection of the artistic culture and ingenuity of the people of Romania.

    Chantay Smithingell

  5. I just love its unusual aesthetics! It always reminds me of the medieval settings in the movies I’ve watched. And hey, is it just me or the center of the roof really looked like a face? O.o :D

    Nelson Mcglaughlin